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St Tola in the News!

1 September, 2015

We are delighted to announce that our lovely St Tola Divine was a 2 Gold Star winner at the recent Great Taste Awards! These awards are considered the Oscars of the Food World and it is testament to the hard work and dedication of the team here that produces such fine cheese! A full list of Irish winners can be seen here

We have some amazing visitors to our farm over the summer including Peter Morrell that writes for a range of websites including the Huffington Post. Details of Peters visit to The Burren in the summer can be read  many thank Peter for your kind words and we are delighted that you came to visit us. 


The inaugural Food on the Edge Symposium is to take place this October 19th and 20th in Galway.  The ever busy J.P. McMahon (we don't know how he finds the time) has arranged a coming together of top international chefs and food leaders for a 2 day symposium. There are some amazing events and speakers during the event, full details can be found on and a great article by Rebecca LeHup writing for the Huffington Post can be found here


Siobhan x 



Open Day Dates

18 August, 2015

A quick reminder of the dates of the last of our summer Open Days. The next one will be this coming Wednesday 19th August and the last one will be next Friday 28th August.  On both days there will be a full tour of the animals, a talk on farming, the history of St Tola Cheese and cheese making in Ireland, a simple cheese making demonstration and a full tasting of the range of St Tola Cheese! Both events are free and visitors of all ages are welcome. Gates open at 2.30pm and tour starts at 2.45pm sharp! Hope to see some of you there!


29 July, 2015

We have had some great visitors lately... most notably Peter Morrell from The Huffington Post, Hannah Thompson from the Caterer and Rose Prince from The Telegraph, many thanks to Bord Bia for organising such interesting visitors to Ireland.  We will be posting some articles from these journalists later in the year. 

Our Discover Farmhouse Cheese Open Days are proving very popular with young and old alike...our next Open Day is Monday 10th August, gates open at 2.30pm and the tour starts at 2.45pm sharp..all welcome and its free! The next Open Day after that is Friday 28th August, same times, it will be Heritage week so a last chance to get some culture before the school term starts!

The best news however is of course the news that The Burren Food Trail was the proud winner of the EDEN award - European Destination of Excellence award for gastronomy. This is the second time if 5 years that Clare has won this award and we are so delighted to be part of this amazing group and the award  is testement to the hard work of all involved. Check out our Facebook page for photos of the fabulous lunch at Hotel Doolin last week.  

Hope to see some of you at our next Open Day!










Open Day!

24 June, 2015

Just a quick reminder that our next Open Day is next Monday 29th June from 2-4pm Tour starrts promptly at 2pm,  there will be a full tour and tasting of all our cheeses.  

If you are out and about, keep an eye out for our Sinead at markets, Tuesdays in Ennistymon,  Fridays in Kinvara and Saturdays in the Milk Market in Limerick City! Sinead has a great range of cheeses (including all the lovely St Tola cheeses!) olives, oils nuts and of course you can practise your Irish at the same time with the Queen of Cheese! 

Dont forget this months Easy Food Magazine, there is a lovely new St Tola recipe in there for the summer!

Siobhan x 


15 June, 2015

Clare-based Artisan wins Prestigious Award from Top Chefs

Bumper year for Euro-Toques Ireland’s EirGrid Food Awards

Top chefs organisation receives most nominations since Awards’ inception

Small producers increasing in number and leading in food innovation

The annual EirGrid Euro-Toques Food Awards took place this Monday 15th June. The awards are voted on by the members of Euro-Toques Ireland, a community of cooks and chefs established in 1986 by Myrtle Allen, who subscribe to the highest standards in sourcing ingredients and culinary excellence. Members include top chefs such as Ross Lewis, Kevin Thornton, Derry Clarke, Sunil Ghai, Neven Maguire, Guillaume LeBrun, Wade Murphy, Gary O’Hanlon and Darina Allen. 

This year the awards received the highest number of nominations from chefs for artisan food producers since the awards’ inception in 2005. The nominated producers covered an astounding array of categories, from artisanal beers and spirits to hand-cooked crisps, brand new farmhouse cheeses, and grass-fed poultry. The winners ranged from brand new businesses to multi generational.

One winner was Siobhan Ní Ghairbhith of Inagh Farmhouse Cheese for her St Tola Irish Goat Cheese range, made in Ennistymon, County Clare in the West of Ireland, St. Tola Irish Goat Cheese has achieved exceptional critical acclaim since its launch over twenty-five years ago. From young, fresh crottin through to mature, year old Gouda, all their cheeses are handmade and matured to suit customers’ individual requirements. As such, cheese from the St. Tola range is now among the most sought-after artisan produce in Ireland. St. Tola Irish Goat Cheese has been made in the townland of Inagh just south of the Burren in County Clare since the early 1980s.

Speaking after receiving the award, Siobhan Ní Ghairbhith commented: “St.Tola is a successful business because we continue to stay true to ourselves. We produce our cheeses at a very high quality, are innovative by creating new products based on the feedback we get from our customers and are good communicators of what we do to the market place. The best advantage of being an artisanal producer is that what we produce is unique, producing products with true provenance reflecting the sustainable environment in which our St.Tola range is made and by whom it is made. By being artisanal we are protecting the long-term future of the environment and all those who live on it, which makes it all worthwhile.”

Speaking about the awards, Euro-Toques Ireland Commissioner General Wade Murphy said: “The artisan sector in Ireland has grown so much in the last 10 years, there’s almost nothing Irish artisans don’t produce at this stage. This year’s awards have really shown where the standard is at in this country and I expect to see even more new producers and new products this time next year.”

Fintan Slye Chief Executive at Awards sponsor EirGrid, commented: “In our business we come into contact with every sector but we’re especially proud to support these awards. Small business owners are the lifeblood of the local economy and small producers in particular are the lifeblood of the rural community. They truly are amazing people in what they contribute to food, the economy, the environment and life in Ireland and we’re delighted to be able to recognise their enormous achievements, as individuals and as a sector.”

Siobhan Ní Ghairbhith for her St Tola Irish Goat Cheese (a range which includes unique products such as the mature raw ‘St Tola Log’ and the multi-award-winning ‘St Tola Ash Log’)

Sinead O’Brien for ‘Mungo Murphy’s (hand-harvested) Seaweed (a brand so innovative many people believe the woolly-headed seaweed guru ‘Mungo’ actually exists, including customers of ‘his’ sea spaghetti, sea lettuce, pepper dulse, kombu, dillisk, Atlantic wakame and Carrageen moss, to name a few)

Shana Wilkie for her ‘bean to bar’ organic chocolate (formerly on the production desk of the Tribune, Shana swapped newspapers for single origin organic criollo cocoa beans from Peru. Knowing her cocoa farmers by name, Shana was the first in Ireland making chocolate from bean to bar)

Rod and Julie Calder-Potts for their Highbank Orchards ‘Orchard Syrup (from the fourth generation Kilkenny farm, whose organic orchard produces some fine brandy-style apple spirit, gin and cider, Rod and Julie have created Ireland’s answer to maple syrup with this unique and original product that chefs can’t get enough of)

Padraig and Anthony Farrelly’s for Farrelly’s Butchers and Abattoir (one of the few butchers in the country with their own abattoir, the Farrelly brothers offer breeds, cuts and carcasses to order. They know the farmers and the animals they work with and even explore experimental breeds from time to time)

Irish artisan foods have lately been the subject of international media attention. In 2014 US Travel Channel’s Andrew Zimmern was blown away by his trip to Cork, especially the Gubbeen family farm. In 2009 Saveur Magazine founder Colman Andrews wrote a book about Irish food following his first visit here, linking the artisan revolution in Ireland with the “invention of modern Irish cooking.” Just this week Irish cheeses were entered for the first time in the prestigious Mondial du Fromage international concourse and came up trumps – Cashel Farmhouse Cheese and The Little Milk Company both sweeping up multiple prizes.

There are currently over 3,500 small to medium sized food businesses operating in Ireland. Euro-Toques chefs work directly with the small producers and credit this produce that comes through their kitchen doors every day with the success of their award-winning restaurants. Furthermore, supporting small local food businesses benefits the local economy too: A study by the New Economics Foundation in London found that every €14 spent at a local food business is worth €35 for the local area, compared with just €20 when the same amount is spent in a supermarket or wholesaler.

“Given that our Award Winners are from Galway, Kilkenny, Wicklow, Cork and Clare, the local socio-economic value of these producers delivering their produce directly in through our kitchen door is definite and quantifiable for the local community and the real economy of Ireland,” said Evan Doyle, Chair of the Food Council of Euro-Toques Ireland.

Euro-Toques Ireland is part of Euro-Toques International which was also founded in 1986, by Gualtiero Marchesi from Italy, Juan-Mari Arzak from Spain, Paul Bocuse from France, Cas Spijker from the Netherlands and Myrtle Allen from Ireland. Euro-Toques is a community of cooks and chefs who uphold a charter to protect and promote authentic artisan and high quality produce, and high culinary standards in their kitchens. There are 16 European countries in Euro-Toques International, with a membership of over 3,000 dedicated chefs.

Euro-Toques Ireland is governed by its Board of Commissioners, headed up by current Commissioner General Wade Murphy (chef-proprietor 1826, Adare). The annual EirGrid Food Awards are overseen by the Food Council of Euro-Toques Ireland, headed up by Chairman Evan Doyle (proprietor Brooklodge Hotel, Co Wicklow).

EirGrid plc is a leading Irish energy business, dedicated to the provision of transmission and market services for the benefit of electricity consumers, ensuring a steady and consistent supply to homes and businesses all over Ireland. EirGrid has supported the annual Euro-Toques Food Awards since 2010. It is a state-owned commercial company, committed to delivering high quality services to all customers, including generators, suppliers and consumers across the high voltage electricity system and via the efficient operation of the wholesale power market. It puts in place the grid infrastructure needed to support competition in energy, to promote economic growth, to facilitate more renewable energy, and to provide essential services.

Smaller food companies are generally more labour intensive than large manufacturing food firms. From 1998 to 2007 industrial employment fell by 4% in Ireland. During the same period employment in agriculture, forestry and fishing fell by 16%. During this time, however, small food firms expanded their employment level from 600 people to 3,000 people, largely through start up and growth (TASTE Council of Ireland).

2010, the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) reported a 50% increase in enquiries regarding the starting up or establishment of new food firms in 2009 compared to 2008 (TASTE Council of Ireland).

Biogs and Quotes from Award-Winners

Farrelly’s Butchers, Delgany was established in 1958 and still has its own abattoir and beef farm. Brothers Anthony and Padgraig Farrelly run a progressive butcher’s shop that ticks all the boxes for restaurants and consumers, with butchered to order cuts  that have true provenance. While Ireland is losing its small abattoirs to large-scale facilities every year, Farrelly’s continues to demonstrate the advantages of a small independent operation. 

Tony Farrelly, Farrelly’s Butchers, commented: “Having our own abattoir means we work with the whole animal, we can give the customer exactly what they, no matter cut they’re after. We can also stand over the quality because we go to the farms and source the animals ourselves. This allows us to see what breeds are out there and try new things, with the confidence of knowing that we can guarantee the customer that quality.”

Farrelly’s Butcher’s. Delgany, Co Wicklow. T: 01-287 4211

Mungo Murphy's Seaweed Co. was officially established in December 2013 by Sinead O'Brien and Kevin Moore Murphy. The inspiration for the business came to Sinead late one night as she was writing a terrible story about a periwinkle farmer called Mungo Murphy who lived in a cottage down by the sea, who subsisted on, and bathed in, seaweed. Sinead then realized that she habitually bathed in and ate seaweed (ever since she was forced as a teenager to spend  her summer holidays collecting seaweed in Ros a Mhíl to feed her mother's abalone farm). And so she thought, if she enjoyed consuming seaweed then maybe others might enjoy that luxury too.

Sinead O’Brien said: “I think that our customers in Ireland and abroad like the story of Mungo Murphy and the fact that our seaweed products come from Connemara, in the "West of Ireland" which gives them peace of mind as to the quality and safety of the produce as the seaweed comes from a pristine, clean environment. Unfortunately for Japanese seaweed producers, there has been a certain level of distrust and concern over the safety and quality of seaweed originating from Japan in the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster and that has also contributed to the growing interest in our seaweed products as well as for our abalone and sea cucumber products.”

Mungo Murphy’s Seaweed Co. Barna, Co Galway.

Made by Siobhan Ní Ghairbhith of Inagh Farmhouse Cheese in the West of Ireland, St. Tola Irish Goat Cheese has achieved exceptional critical acclaim since its launch over twenty-five years ago. From young, fresh crottin through to mature, year old Gouda, all their cheeses are handmade and matured to suit customers’ individual requirements. As such, cheese from the St. Tola range is now among the most sought-after artisan produce in Ireland. St. Tola Irish Goat Cheese has been made in the townland of Inagh just south of the Burren in County Clare since the early 1980s.

Siobhan Ní Ghairbhith, St Tola Irish Goat Cheese said: “St.Tola is a successful business because we continue to stay true to ourselves. We produce our cheeses at a very high quality, are innovative by creating  new products based on the feedback we get from our customers and are good communicators of what we do to the market place. The best advantage of being an artisanal producer is that what we produce is unique, producing products with true provenance reflecting the sustainable  environment in which our St.Tola range is made and by whom it is made. By being artisanal we are protecting the long-term future of the environment and all those who live on it, which makes it all worthwhile.”

Inagh Farmhouse Cheese, Maurices Mills, Ennistymon, Co. Clare.

Highbank Organic Orchard was established in 1969 in Farmley, Co Kilkenny, on fertile Kilkenny limestone soils uniquely suited to produce delicious apples and apple juice. They have been producing organically since 1994, to the strictest of organic standards: no chemicals are sprayed on the apples, neither are any herbicides or chemical fertilizers used. GMOs are shunned to the extent that they avoid the use of manure from animals fed on GM food. Highbank Orchard Syrup, hailed as Ireland’s answer to maple syrup, is a completely unique product with diverse uses. Combined with their other great produce – their Dabinette Apples, their cider and juices, and now brandy-style spirits and gin from their new Distillery (opened 2014) – Highbank is the epitome of artisan innovation and creativity.

Speaking about the product, food writer John McKenna wrote: “When they perfected their Highbank apple syrup and launched it in 2010, they created one of the new defining artisan foods…their dynamism is ferocious, their creativity unbridled, and they are amongst the defining producers of the age.

Highbank Organic Orchards, Farmley, Co Kilkenny. /

Shana Wilkie established Wilkies Organic Chocolate in 2012, with the aim of producing a premium quality organic chocolate, high in cocoa content and using only natural, organic ingredients. Today she is an Irish chocolate-maker that truly ticks all the boxes from bean to bar. Shana practices true artisan chocolate making fundamentals. She purchases her organic cocoa beans from single estate ‘fully traceable’ Peruvian farms. The farmers there ferment and sun dry the beans before shipping. When it arrives here, the cocoa is first sorted (all debris removed), then roasted, winnowed and conched. Roasting helps release acids and develop the chocolate flavours. Conching further develops this. So it's a balancing act to expose the natural flavours and aromas of the bean. Three to four days later a batch is ready for tempering. At present everything is still hand wrapped. Zero emulsifiers or flavourings are added. It is also 100% dairy, gluten, nut and soy free.  Shana is only one of only five such ‘bean to bar’ chocolatiers in Ireland and less than 50 true Artisan Chocolatiers worldwide.

“For me it started with an interest in the history of chocolate and developed into utter fascination with what I found. I never knew what a cacao tree, pods or seeds looked like or that there are different bean varieties with different natural flavours. That's what fascinated me most. The idea of pure natural flavoured chocolate.  I am always tinkering with different techniques to get the best out of a bean. A lot of my machinery is old style (nuts and bolts) and a roaster that's nearly 100 years old so I've become fairly handy at DIY. I have to admit I love all the DIY it's one of my favourite parts of the job!”

Wilkie’s Organic Chocolate. Knockgriffin, Midleton, Cork. www.wilkieschocolate

News Update!

3 June, 2015

Congratulations to all our fellow members of the Burren Food after the sustainainable tourism initiative was named was named winner of the 2015 European Destiantion of Excellence (EDEN) award! We are honored to be part of such a amazing group. Well done to all those working hard behind the scenes especially the tremdendous work by Tina O Dwyer. 

We were delighted here in North Clare to have the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles visit the Burren. Prince Charles is a keen supporter of sustainable farming and we were very proud to have our cheese presented to him with the finest of Clare ingredients in a hamper.  

Finally we are super proud to annouce that St Tola will be in the Aer Lingus business class menu for June ! 



26 May, 2015

Our latest Disover Farmhouse Cheese Open Day was this morning here at St Tola. We have a great morning with a good number of visitors and the sun even came out for a change! Our next Open Day here is 19th June...I'll post up the times shortly. Come along and see our goats and taste our unbelievably good cheese! 

In the Media this week!

19 May, 2015

Just a quick update on a few things that are happening here this week. 

We are delighted that The Prince of Wales will be visiting our beautiful county today and we are delighted that our cheese will be on display for him to sample!

The Burren Slow Food Festival is in full swing this week and there are a huge number of events to choose from including festival markets and foraging and tasting dinners and lunches.

We have made the RTE guide this week! Super article and photo with Siobhan in the EAT supplement. We are also in this months EASY FOOD, with a great recipe from JP McMahon of Aniar, Cava and Eat in Galway.

Our next Open Day is next Tuesday 26th May. Come along at 10.30 for a tour of the farm followed by a tasting of all our cheeses!


Lots of new events at St Tola

14 May, 2015

Well Summer is really here; the farm is in full swing, most of our goats have kidded and the lads are once again super busy in production!

There are a number of very good foodie events coming up in the next few weeks. Firstly the superb Ballymaloe Litfest, this weekend 15th to 17th May, check out the listings on for the incredible list of speakers. Well worth a trip to East Cork for such a line up. 

Clodagh McKenna will be doing a three day pop up restaurant in Selfridges in London next week 18th to 20th May featuring the very best of Irish Cooking. We are so proud that she is featuring our cheese on her menu! have a look here to see what is on offer!

The Burren Food Festival is once again upon us. This year is a weeklong festival with events on every day from this Saturday.  St Tola will be hosting a picnic here on the farm next Tuesday 11 to 1pm 8 euro per person under 10s for free! Booking essential email us or 065 683 6633.   otherwise check out to see what else is on, there is something for everyone this year!

Just a reminder that we will be featured next week in RTE guide and this months Easy Food Magazine!

Hope to see some of you at some events!



Slow Food Week and Sheridans Food Festival

28 April, 2015

A quick reminder of a few events that are coming up in May. 

The big one is the The Burren Food Festival : this year activities will extend to a full week launching at Ballyvaughan Farmers Market on Saturday 16 May 2015 at 12 noon offering stand-alone food events organised by the Burren Food Trail chefs, food producers and the many restaurant and café leading up to the the Burren Slow Food Festival weekend at Lisdoonvarna, which will take place on 23 & 24 May 2015.

This year’s festival theme is Land & Sea, and every kind of food provided by them.

Programme of events can be easily found using the links below:


As part of the festival, we are holding Slow Food Picnic here on the farm on the 19th May - if you would like to come along, (booking is essential) please contact us here on 065 683 66 33 or

We will also be particiating at Sheridans Cheesemongers annual Food Festival on the 24th May at their headquarters in Virginia Road Station in Co. Meath.  Its a super event with a huge number of food stalls, a brown bread competition, raw milk tastings and a host of celebrity chefs demonstrating their skills. For more detail on this 

We hope that you enjoyed last months article in Easy Food, just to let you know that there is another article on St Tola in the May issue out early next week. 

Lastly a big thank you to all our visitors from todays Open Day! Thank you for braving driving rain and very cold conditions to come and see us!

Looking forward to seeing some of you at Slow Food or at Sheridans!




Happy Easter!

1 April, 2015

Happy Easter !

A quick reminder of things happening here for St Tola!

Our Sinead will be starting up at Kinvara farmers market this Friday, a welcome return for locals and visitors alike. 

Our shop on site at the farm opens up today,10-4 MONDAY TO FRIDAY no BANK HOLS, tours are available but they are not held every day and must be booked well in advance, see our tours page for more details.... and don't forget to get Easy Food this Friday to see the article on St Tola and a new recipe too!

Of course the big news is GALWAY FOOD FESTIVAL! Starting this Friday and running until Monday. Siobhan will be tasting at Sheridans from 11-6pm and then in The Malthouse Restaurant from 4-5.30pm. Sinead will be doing a one off market on Saturday at the Galway Festival market. check out

In honour of the Galway Food Festival our recipe of the month is from Galways own J.P McMahon, St Tola croquettes ! check out

Happy Easter to you all!


Spring Newsletter!

20 March, 2015

The Sun is still shining here in Inagh after a glorious St Patricks day! Its been a long winter but Spring has sprung and we have lots of events coming up here on the farm and around the country.  

There are going to be some super food festivals this year. Firstly the 4th Annual Food Festival in Galway is kicking off from the 2nd to the 6th April. Our lovely Siobhan will be tasting cheese in Sheridans Cheesemongers on Friday 3rd April from 11am to 2pm. If you miss her there, you can catch up with her at the The Malthouse Restaurant from 4-5.30pm the same day.  Sinead will have a festival special cheese stall in the Galway Festival Market on Saturday 4th April. 

The beautiful Mairead Garvey is pictured above at the recent launch of the Burren Food Trail and Burren Slow Food Festival. Thank you Mairead you are always a great ambassodor for us! The latter is a week long festival this year and details can be found at - make sure to put 16th to 24th May in your diary,  there is bound to be something for everyone in this years line up. 

There are more and more farmers markets springing up around the country. This Sunday 22nd March there is a new market in Gort, Co Galway, you can find our Sinead there with a huge range of cheeses and olives. Sinead can be also found at the Limerick Milk Market every Saturday year round & Kinvara Market every Friday from the 3rd of April. 

Back here on the farm, our farmshop and museum will once again be open from 1st April, Monday to Friday (ex Bank Holidays) 9.30-4pm. We will be having the first of our Open Days on the farm on Tuesday 26th April from 12-2pm.  Farm Tours are also recommencing from April.  To book for the Open Day or if you wish to book a private tour please contact or 065 683 6633

St Tola is making headlines in a few magazines this year. The April edition of Easy Food will feature an article and recipe for St Tola as part of our prize as winners of Blas na hEireann - it will be in the shops 3rd April! Over in the UK this lovely article was published in Good Things magazine

Thanks to everyone for supporting St Tola over the winter and I look forward to seeing some of you at festivals or here in Inagh




The Burren Food Fayre

26 October, 2014

We will be participating in The Burren Food Fayre at The Pavillion in Lisdoonvarna as part of the Burren Winterage Weekend which runs from 25th to 27th October.

Shortlisted for the National Organic Awards!

14 October, 2014

St. Tola Cheese has been shortlisted in the  Fresh Food Category in The National Organic Awards organised by Bord Bia. The winners will be announced Tues 14th  October.

Happy recipient of Blas na hEireann Awards

4 September, 2014

St. Tola won Best Goat Cheese and Best Artisan at the Blas na hEireann Awards at the Dingle Food Festival.

Discover Cheese Open Days and New Markets!

30 June, 2014

As part of Discover Farmhouse Cheese we have a number of Open Days coming up here at the Farm! The dates for these are 23 July,  28th August and 11th September. All welcome and tours of the farm are free on the day.  Times to be confirmed shortly - so watch this space.  Please book before hand at

Our lovely Sinead  will be starting a cheese stall at the Kilrush Farmers Market, this Thursday 3rd July 9am to 2pm.  This is addition to her stalls at Ennistymon Market (at the square) on Tuesdays, Kinvara Market on Fridays and Limerick Milk Market on Saturdays.

Come to Clare for the Summer and you won't be bored!

Siobhán and all the goats

Open Day!

13 June, 2014

Our next OPEN DAY here at St Tola is this Tuesday coming 17th June from 11am to 1pm. We are doing this in conjunction with Bord Bia and  It is also National Bike Week next week so we have also a foraging cycle event happening. Bikes are meeting at Inagh Church at 11am and then cycling down to us along the back roads, foraging along the way. There will be cheese and crackers here for tasting on arrival - the weather is promised good so leave the car behind and get on your bike..! Ring 087 687 7890 to book your place (and yr bike if you don't have one!)

Siobhán and all the goats at St Tola

Award news!

4 June, 2014

We are back from yet another very sucessful year at Bloom! Big thanks to Bord Bia for organising such a spectacular show, we are already looking forward to next year.

For the second year in a row, the Irish Cheese Awards were announced during Bloom, we were delighted to be awarded Silver for our plain 1kg log and GOLD for our lovely ASH log! Woo!   In the same week we won bronze for our ASH log at the British Cheese awards and we are waiting to hear what we won at Premio Roma in Italy!

This weekend - get yourself to Doolin in Co Clare for the Burren Rocks! festival

Don't forget our Open Day - 17th June 11-1pm!


Siobhán and all the goats



Lots of news!

21 May, 2014

There are lots of events and lots of news here at St Tola! Our Roisin will have a stall this weekend at the Annual Slow Food Clare event this weekend 23rd to 25th April in Lisdoonvarna. There will be a range of events including a market on the Saturday & Sunday, cookery demonstrations, wild foraging walks, and a banquet on the Saturday - a feast for all the senses!

We have fingers crossed that the weather will clear up in time for BLOOM! - the biggest and most beautiful garden show in Ireland. There will be an even bigger food pavillion this year and our Siobhan will be there from Thurs 29th May  to Monday 2nd June at our stall. The Irish Cheese Awards will be announced again there at the CAIS tent, lets hope we can follow on from last years success and win Supreme Champion!  A great day out for everyone!

Any British Fans of St Tola out there? We will be at the Royal Bath and West Show next week with our cheese and also to participate at the British Cheese Awards - more details on

If you cant make those events, come and have a look at us in our newly open ÉCONOMUSÉE museum and shop here at the farm! We are proud to be part of this fantastic programme.

We will be hosting another Open day here at the farm on the 17th June 11 to 1pm all welcome! We will also be hosting an open event and picnic here on the farm on the 21st July - watch this space for more details!

Hope you to see you all somewhere over the summer!

Siobhán and all the goats xx

St Tola Open Day & Vote for Foodie Town of the Year!

12 May, 2014

Lots of news here at St Tola! Great news that we have won "an award" at Premio Roma, a prestigious Italian food competition organised by the Rome Chamber of Commerce, we won't find out until the 23rd exactly what we have won though!

Our next Open Day here at the farm is Tuesday 13th May, gates open from 11 to 3 and all are welcome

And lastly, Lisdoonvarna- Gateway to the Burren has been nominated as one the Foodie Towns of the Year! Voting is open until the 18th so plenty time to get voting, lets get behind our food producers, pubs & restaurants!

There is a short video clip to accompany this also


10 April, 2014

We are delighted to announce the grand opening of our fabulous ÉCONOMUSÉEE - that is our living & working museum here at our beautiful farm on Thursday 17th April at 11am.  We are honoured to become only the 3rd Economusee in the Republic of Ireland. Guest speakers David McCann Executive Chef at Dromoland Castle & Kevin Heanue, Economist at Teagasc. For more information on this   The day is also part of Bord Bia Discover Farmhouse Cheese series of events and we welcome members of the public to come and visit us on the day, see our lovely goats & taste our delicious cheese!

See you all on the day!

Siobhán and all the goats xx


New Fresh Packaging, same lovely St Tola!

21 February, 2014

Our new packing for St Tola Divine and Original has arrived!! Its the same delicious cheese inside but with a fresh new design. Look out for them in your local Tesco and Supervalus and all good delis around Ireland.  We will be posting some new recipes soon so watch this this space! Siobhan and all at St Tola x

Burren Winterage Festival

22 October, 2013

The second annual Burren Winterage Festival is with us again this weekend.  Highlights include a working horse demonstration, a walk to the holy wells and pilgim sites in the Burren, a shorthorn cattle show, the annual cattle drive to the uplands and of course the Burren Masterchef competition at the Burren Food Fayre in Lisdoonvarna on Sunday 27th October from 1 to 5pm. A beautiful series of events celebrating the Burren ancient farming and cultural traditions.

St Tola Events Coming up!

26 September, 2013

Lots and lots of events coming up here at St Tola Goat Farm!

Our annual Open Day! Friday 4th October here at the Farm, 11am-3pm - all welcome!

The 6th Annual Harvest Banquet will be on at the Old Ground Ennis, Friday 4th October @ 7pm, EVERYTHING on your plate from Clare right down the sea salt! €50 for a 4 course meal, music and dancing to the wee hours and all for a good cause! All details

The Ennis Food Festival 4th to 6th October, a huge range of events including giant food fayre (come and see us!) on Saturday 5th October

Bake Fest in Galway Sunday 6th October - come along and see us and getting your baking goods and some lovely St Tola too!

Finally - Clare V Cork All Ireland Replay on Saturday, fill up with these tasty recipes from TESCO, the Banner Bap and the Rebel Roll! Up the Banner!


Siobhan x

New Opening Hours for our Shop!

12 September, 2013

After a very busy summer, things are starting to get back to normal here at St Tola. Autumn seems to have come all of a sudden but our lovely shop is still open. September opening times are Monday to Friday only 10am to 5pm.

The fabulous Brook Lodge at Macredding Village in Wicklow have the most fantastic menu for the Autumn season. The Big Harvest Menu features the very best of Irish Organic Food from around our beautiful Island. A 7 course tasting menu includes pork from the Crowe brothers in Tipperary, apples from Highbanks farm and of course lovely cheese from us here at St Tola!

A big thank to you all involved in the wonderful Summer Party at the British Embassy in Dublin recently a truly wonderful display of food from around Ireland- our photo attached includes some of the star line up, Clare Nash from Nash 19, James Whelan from Whelans Butchers and of course our lovely Siobhan from St Tola x

St Tola Divine and Original on Special offer at Tescos!

19 August, 2013

Get down to your local Tesco - St Tola Divine on Special offer from now until 27th August!



St Tola wins Stars at the Great Taste Awards!

14 August, 2013

We are delighted to annouce that St Tola has won some new stars at the Great Taste awards 2013! Our classic log won 1gold star and our lovely ash log won 2 Stars! Its a great boost to us here!

New Market! Our lovely Sinead has now a stall in the amazing Limerick Milk Market on a Saturday - get down between 10 and 4 for incredible cheeses and other other gorgeous grub.

Don't forget to vote in the Arthur Guiness projects - some great ideas including Burren Béilíní (little Irish tapas!) and an app for Irish Farmhouse Cheeses! follow this link

or this one!

Siobhan and all the goats xx


Miriam, Donal, 100 Best things to do and Kenmare Food Carnivall!!

2 July, 2013

Many thanks to Donal Skehan for giving us a big shout out on Miriam O'Callaghans shop on Saturday - fair play Donal you are a great supporter of Irish products!

Its official, on the Irish Times 100 best things to do in Ireland - coming to see us at the farm is number 38!

Kenmare Food Carnival will be rocking this year - come and see us on our  cheesey stall!

Siobhans lovely sister Sinead is once again setting up her stall at Farmers Markets - come see her at the Square in Ennistymon on a Saturday 9-2 and Kinvara on Friday 9-2.

See you all soon! Siobhan x


Supreme Champion of the Irish Cheese Awards!

18 June, 2013

We have had a bumper month here at St Tola! For the first time, the Irish Cheese Awards were held at Bloom. We were delighted that our mature log won Gold in its class and also our new Ash Log won Gold in the New Cheese category and....Supreme Champion! Meanwhile in Rome...our Ash Log also awarded 1st in its class at the International Premio Roma Awards! We are over the moon here and its a validation of all our hard work and creativity.

Our new shop is getting busy - lots of customers from all over the world America, Canada, England, France and Australia. Come and see us - open Monday to Saturday 10 to 5 and Sunday 12 to 5pm.

Siobhan and all the goats  x

Lots of news!

25 May, 2013

Exciting times at St Tola! We opened our farm shop this week on Wednesday!!! - We will be open 7 days a week from 10am to 5pm. Come and taste our lovely cheese and see our goats!  We are delighted be able to offer a range of other local Clare products including Clare Jams in Doolin,  Burrensmoke House Salmon and Wild Irish Seaveg from Spanish Point.

 We are all looking forward to BLOOM in Phoenix Park, Grainne and Siobhan will be there next Thursday 30th  to Monday 3rd June. It promises to be a bumper festival and this year for the first time the Irish Cheese awards will be held during the festival. Pray for good weather and see you all there! 

Siobhan x

Event reminder!

22 April, 2013

Lots and lots going on here in  Co Clare! This evening, a night of cheese and wine and the lovely Kilshanny House. It is the first event in a series of Monday night food events as part of the Burren Food Trail that is going to be launched at Hotel Doolin this coming Saturday night.  The second year of the Clare Garden Show as the showgrounds in Ennis will be on Sunday 28th of April and it promises to be a fine show!

Galway Food Festival, Bia Duchais, and new stockists!

28 March, 2013

The fantastic GALWAY FOOD FESTIVAL is on again this weekend with a brilliant programme of events! Come along to our stall at Woodquay this Saturday for a once of revival of the famous Woodquay Country Market.  see full programme at

Also come and see Sinead at the new re-opened Kinvara Farmers Market tomorrow and Ennistymon Farmers market on Saturday.

Our lovely Siobhan will feature in the  Cáis episode of Bia Dúchais, TG4 2nd May 2013 at 9.30pm! Tune in to see our lovely goats in action and improve your Irish as the same time.

New stockists of St Tola appearing on the shelves and menus around the country. Wilde and Green in Miltown Dublin 6, The Vintage Kitchen in Dublin The beautiful Slieve Aughty Centre near Loughrea Realta Tea Rooms in Kiltimagh (and get your photo done at the same time!) 



Foodie Forum at GMIT and CHEESERTS!

1 February, 2013

Come along on next Tuesday 04/02/12 to GMIT for the Foodie Forum - promises to be a great day. We are launching our new Cheesert too! Siobhan and Grainne

Foodie Forum at GMIT and CHEESERTS!

1 February, 2013

Come along on next Tuesday 04/02/12 to GMIT for the Foodie Forum - promises to be a great day. We are launching our new Cheesert too! Siobhan and Grainne

Foodie Forum at GMIT and CHEESERTS!

1 February, 2013

Come along on next Tuesday 04/02/12 to GMIT for the Foodie Forum - promises to be a great day. We are launching our new Cheesert too! Siobhan and Grainne

New Kids, new photos, Kenmare Food Festival

28 January, 2013

We have had our first kid of the year! Little one is too shy for a photo this morning but we will keep you posted. Kenmare Food Festival have posted us this great video of the amazing food event last summer- have a look at it on our Twitter account @StTolaCheese to see the full video. Mmm, mmm,mmm Have a look at this lovely dish from those great guys at The Pigs Ear on Nassau Street in Dublin, St Tola with, organic candy beets, blueberries and hazelnuts, delicious and a work of art too! Siobhan and all at St Tola  x

Happy New Year!

28 December, 2012

Happy New Year to all our customers from Siobhan, Brian, Carmen, Grainne, Petru and all the goats! x x x

World Cheese Awards - Best Irish Cheese!

11 December, 2012

At last our certificate for the World Cheese Awards!!  Our delicious St Tola with Ash Log won Best Irish Cheese at the World Cheese Awards recently and we are delighted to have such a great end to the year! Siobhan x

St Tola wins Best Irish Cheese at the WORLD CHEESE AWARDS!!

3 December, 2012

St Tola ASh Log has won the Best Irish Cheese at the World Cheese awards!! We are delighted that the latest addition to the St Tola range, our lovely St Tola with Ash as won such a prestigious award - a brilliant finish to 2012! Don't forget to come and see us at the RDS at the National Craft and Design Fair from this Wednesday to Sunday and taste it for youselves!  Also the amazing Twelve Hotel are hosting their 12 Apostles of Food Producers - a celebration of local and artisan food producers on 12/12/12! Follow the link below for details on what promises to be an incredible bash.  Siobhan x x x

Pigsback 20th Birthday and RDS Craft Fair!

27 November, 2012

Christmas is coming and we are getting very busy here at St Tola! Siobhan will be tasting out our delicious cheese at the " On the Pigsback " 20th Birthday party in the English Market in Cork this Friday - congratulations to Isabelle and all the staff there! The annual RDS Craft and Food Fair is on from Wednesday 5th to Sunday 9th December-come along and meet Grainne and Siobhan and sample our lovely range of cheeses! Siobhan  x 

New Awards, Off to Canada, Brockley Market, Harvest Banquet....!

27 September, 2012

Lots of news this week! All new awards this week as our log & our ash log picked up an award each at the Irish Cheese awards! Hilary will be in Brockely Market on Saturday & would love to meet any fans from South London. Siobhan is off to Canada soon as part of a Bord Failte Tourism trip to Prince Edward County - let's hope she brings back some sunshine and some tourists too! Don't forget the Harvest Banquet in Ennis next Friday 5th October - everything (&yes everything) on your plate growen, reared, picked or fished in Clare including the butter, salt and even some clever gardener has grown some lemons!  €50 tickets to charity ASRAL.  X 

St Tola Award and 50% off at Tesco!

14 September, 2012

We are delighted to say that we have won an award at the National Organic Awards 2012! Our lovely log was Highly Commended in the Dairy Foods Section! Our open Day here was a great success with schools from Ennis and Ennistymon visiting and lots of people traveling to see us- thanks everyone for making the day special!  Just remember - St Tola Divine is 50% off in Tesco until the 24th September Siobhan and all the goats at St Tola x

Annual Open Day and 50% off at Tesco!

11 September, 2012

Its National Organic Week and to celebrate St Tola are hosting our Annual Open Day here at the Farm on Friday 14th September from 11am to 3pm. All welcome!  Watch out in your local Tesco as well as St Tola Divine is on 50% discount from now until 24th September.  Hope to see you on Friday - Siobhan and all the goats at St Tola  x

Food and Wine Article -

29 August, 2012

Many thanks to the lovely guys  Ross and Orla over at Food and Wine Magazine for the great article on our new product St Tola in Ash!

Divine Special Offer in Supervalu & Doolin Beer Festival!

21 August, 2012

Divine is Special offer in Supervalu - 20% off- great value.  Get down to Hotel Doolin this weekend 24th to 26th August for a fine festival of Craft Beer, St Tola cheese and dancing! What more could you want?! Grainne and all the goats at St Tola x

St Tola Divine 50% Off at Tesco!

3 August, 2012

Celebrate the Bank Holiday - get down to your local Tesco for 50% off Divine until 13th August! Siobhan and all at St Tola  x

St Tola on Surf n Turf!

23 July, 2012

A big thanks to Paul Flynn for supporting St Tola on last weeks Surf "n" Turf! Heres the link in case you missed us!!v=10038189

St Tola still on special offer in Supervalu for Divine, Original & the Logs!

Siobhan and all at St Tola x

St Tola in Sunday Business Post!

12 July, 2012

St Tola makes the Sunday Business Post 8th July 2012! Looking good with our lovely new ash logs!

Kenmare Food Carnival! /Supervalu Special Offer!

12 July, 2012

St Tola will be at the fantastic Kenmare Food Festival this weekend! Come along to the artisan markets on Sat&Sun & sample all our lovely cheeses!

Not in Kenmare? Don't worry, our logs, divine and crottin are on special offer still at Supervalu!

Siobhan and all the crew at St Tola x

St Tola On Special Offer in Supervalu!

5 July, 2012

St Tola Log, Divine and Original are all on a 25% Discount special offer at your local Supervalu from this Saturday 7th July to Saturday 28th July!

Despite the weather - summer is really here and now is the perfect time to try out some of our recipes.

Watch out for us in RTEs "Surf 'N' Turf"  Wednesday 18th July - you are sure to see a different side to St Tola!

Siobhan and all the goats at St Tola x