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Healthy Recipes

St Tola Goats Cheese is low in fat, calories and 1% salt - a perfect healthy food for you and your family. The soft cheese has a fat content of between 14% for the Divine to 18.2% for the Log and Original.

Goats Cheese is a great basis for a whole range of different recipes. On a very simple level, it makes a great topping for crusty toast with chutney or jam,  or just stirred into hot pasta.  It works very well as a filling for pancakes, quickes and omlettes and frittatas. In the summer months it is great as a basis for a salad, a classic combination is with beetroot or roasted rhubarb. Lately we have been experimenting here with St Tola Cheese in desserts; it makes a fine cheesecake or even in a chocolate mousse! 

We would love to know what you do with St Tola cheese! If you have any recipes you'd like to share with us let us know at or get in touch on social media,