St Tola Cranberry

The sour/sweet flavour and pretty rose colour of cranberry work as a perfect foil to the lush creaminess and mellow honey flavours of St Tola. The soft cheese is made in the same way as the traditional logs but with cranberries added. It is traditionally very popular at Christmas time however St Tola Cranberry can be produced year round to order.

St Tola Cranberry can be made with raw milk or pastuerised to order; raw milk cheeses are made with animal rennet and pasteurised with vegetarian. 

Raw Milk
1kg or 500g Log, 120g Crottin, 120g Divine
Case Size: 
8 case for the logs, 12 per case for Crottin and 6 per case for Divine
Shelf Life: 
6 weeks for the logs. 4 weeks for Crottin and Divine