St Tola Log

Our beautiful St Tola Log comes as two products.

St Tola Log Mature

The original St Tola Cheese and the most well known in our range. Noted for its smooth creamy texture, St Tola Log is the ultimate gourmet soft goat cheese. The taste is full flavoured, sweet and floral with honey undertones that develop further as the cheese matures. A natural golden rind develops with ageing and this should be eaten as part of the experience!

St Tola Log Fresh

A younger and less complex version of the mature log. This cheese wil have fresher cleaner flavours and a lighther more delicate structure. As it matures,  it will develop some rind and deeper flavours with ageing.

Both cheeses can be used in a variety of recipes - the mature log also works well on the cheeseboard.

Both cheeses can be made with raw milk or pasteurised. 

Raw milk cheeses are made with animal rennet, pasteurised with vegetarian 


Raw Milk
1kg log
Case Size: 
Shelf Life: 
6 weeks from production