Baby Spinach, St Tola and Pea salad


SourceHugo Arnold at Food and Wine Magazine
Prep time15 minutes
Cooking time
Total time15 minutes


A delicious and refreshingly simple summer recipe for St Tola created by Hugo Arnold at Food and Wine Magazine


2 bunches
fresh peas
4 bunches
baby spinach leaves (washed)
4 bunches
mixed lettuce leaves (washed)
4 tablespoons
Olive Oil
1 teaspoon
while wine vinegar
1 tablespoon
chervril (chopped )
1 tablespoon
basil (chopped )
1 tablespoon
tarragon (chopped )
4 slices
St Tola Log (crumbled )
Salt and Pepper


1. Blanch the peas for 3 mins in boiling unsalted water, drain and refresh under cold water.

2. Combine the peas with the spinach and lettuce and season with salt and pepper. Toss well.

3. Add the olive oil and white wine vinegar and toss again along wih the herbs.

4. Warm the cheese under a hot grill for a few minutes and then crumble the cheese over the top of the salad and serve. 



Serve with a bone dry rose or rosado wine such as a Tavel wine from the Rhone valley.