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St. Tola Goat Cheese

St. Tola cheeses are handmade cheeses, to which no additives or preservatives have been added. We mature our cheese to suit our customers' individual requirements from young, fresh and mild to mature and more pronounced in flavour. All our products are fully traceable from farm to fork. We are fully certified by the Department of Agriculture and as such our farm and cheesehouse are subject to rigorous inspections.

A few of our newer customers have asked us a number of questions about the development of St Tola as it ages.  St Tola Soft cheeses (our logs, crottin, Divine and Original ) are all truely artisinal cheeses. As such, each batch is a little different and they all change as they mature. All our cheeses will develop a natural bloomy rind that is often a creamy colour.  This is a naturally occuring geotrichum candidum rind and is highly prized by artisan cheesemakers! As the fresher cheeses ripen, they may also develop some small spots of mould but there is nothing to worry about with these, in fact some cheese connisseurs actually look for these moulds as a true sign of the artisan nature of the cheese!  If you see any of these moulds, please just scrape them off and enjoy the cheese as we would hate to see it wasted.  We only use 1% salt in the creating of our cheese (though others  who make cheese often use 3-4% salt as it is a preservative which gives a product a longer shelf-life) We feel too much salt interferes with the flavour of the cheese so we only use 1% as we do not want shelf-life to be our priority over true flavour.