45 years at St Tola & Public Tour dates!

Mar 5 2024

2024 marks 45 years of St Tola! Meg and Derrick Gordon started the farm in the 70’s and Siobhán Ní Gháirbhith took over in 1999, that is 25 years! 

We will be holding 2 public tours over Easter, Friday 29th March and Wednesday 3rd April both at 11.30pm. Prices are €15 per head for adults, €8 for children and €35.00 for a family ticket. Please book by sending email to info@st-tola.ie

We will be honoured by a visit on Monday 25th March from Patrick McGuigan, esteemed cheese writer, teacher festival organiser and journalist. Patrick is also a judge at this years Irish Cheese Awards of which Siobhán is one of the main organisers.