What does Sustainable Farming mean to St Tola?

Oct 19 2021


What does sustainable farming mean to us at St Tola 


We believe passionately in sustainable farming. Although it is more expensive and labour intensive than conventional farming, the principles and methods employed promote practises which co-exist with natural systems and help protect and enhance the environment.

IE 1822 EC is our Dept of Agriculture Approval Number. 

The St Tola herd of Saanen, Toggenburg and British Alpine goats are reared on 65 acres of unspoiled pasturelands – considered some of the finest and purest farmland of its type in Europe. Outdoors, they graze on the herb rich pastures feeding on wild flowers such as buttercups, meadow sweet and wild garlic. During the harsh winter, they are housed indoors in comfortable, clean, spacious sheds and are fed on a balanced mix of hay produced on the farm and non gmo grains. All our kids are hand reared after a long weaning period on their mother’s milk. Our strict farming practices, housing and hygiene criteria guarantee we have a happy and healthy herd!

Our farm and business belongs to Bord Bia Origin Green programme and Buren Ecotourim. Both organisiations have very strict standards for green food production, farming and tourism and businesses must complete a full training programme with on going learning supports in order to benefit from continuted membership.