Environmental Policy

Jan 13 2022

ENVIROMENTAL POLICY STATEMENT   -            Reviewed and updated  December 2021

Inagh Farmhouse Cheese Ltd is a company dedicated to producing artisan goat cheese through sustainable farming and production methods. We also offer a unique tourist experience through our farm tours. We tailor all tours to suit visitors ages and abilities

In all our endeavours we are striving to minimize our impact that we have on the local and global environment. Our management plan outlines the steps that we have already taken and also the plans that we have for reducing further usage of energy, waste, water and impact on the environment.  

We are fully committed to respecting and implementing the Geopark Sustainable Code of Practice for Tourism. This awareness is highlighted to all our staff, visitors and suppliers.


  • The Burren and Cliffs of Moher Geopark – Information and Interpretation
    • Information about the Burren and Cliffs of Moher will be displayed and provided in our interpretive centre
    • All staff have a good working knowledge of the local area and then environment delicacy of the Geopark and are encouraged to pass on this information to visitors
  • Leave no Trace
    • We are implementing the 7 principles of the Leave no Trace programme
    • 1. Planning Ahead: We encourage visitors to come on large tours to minimise impact of travel on the landscape and to prepare for inclement weather
    • 2. Consideration for Others: Our tours are largely confined to our farm area, this allows visitors to experience the country side in a way that does not impact on the rural community at large
    • 3. Respect for farm animals

Physical interaction between farm animals and visitors is kept to a minimum

  • 4.Travel and Camp

Trails are established and no new ones are to be made. No camping allowed on site

  • 5. Leave what you find

All staff and visitors are encouraged to respect property, and the environment

  • 6. Waste disposal

All waste is recycled, up cycled or reused as appropriate

  • 7. Fire

There are no fires on site allowed.


  • Contribution to Conservation
    • All farming is done in a responsible and sustainable manner
    • All fertilisers are natural and produced on site
    • 20 Apple trees have been planted in our site to encourage bees
    • .5 acre of willow has been planted to offset our carbon footprint and to encourage drainage on the land
    • Bird boxes have been put up on our sheds to encourage more birds
    • We promote conservation and responsible farming in all our tours
    • We host public tours and open days every year. 


  • Energy

We try to keep our energy usage output to a minimum in all areas of production, farming and tourism.


  • Use solar panels for heating some of our water
  • Use new solar panels sourced in 2015 to generate 5% of our electricity
  • Turn off all electrical items at source when not in use
  • Have insulated the attic
  • Have filled the cavity walls
  • Have purchased a portable electricity monitor to monitor our consumption
  • Run dishwashers and washing machines only at capacity
  • Have recently purchased an energy efficient boiler (2019) that will run from Bio LPG. This will replace a combination of electricity and oil
  • Have conducted a recent energy audit
  • We have upgraded all light bulbs throughout the entire house to energy efficient bulbs
  • Staff  trained in how to recognise and eliminate phantom loads
  • Installation of pvc strip curtains on all fridges (4 large fridges on the premises which according to a recent audit account for 70% of all electricity consumed)


Future Improvements


  • Ongoing works to complete project regarding wind turbine and produce our own electricity on site


  • Water
    • We have monthly water checks, which is compared to production output and anomalies as are investigated
    • All staff are training in water management
    • All clean down uses specified amount of water
    • Where appropriate  taps are fitted with flow restrictors
    • All WC have water usage reduced
    • Rain water harvesting for farm wash down purposes has been implemented



Future Improvements

  • Exploratory digging has been completed in order to dig our own well (2019)
  • This has not been successful but it is an ongoing project




  • Waste
    • All products that are the by-product of farming and production are treated on site in our custom built aeration tank under the supervision of the University of Limerick
    • We recycle or up cycle or reuse all paper, glass, cardboard, glass, plastic and tin cans
    • All organic products are recycled on site or composted on site
    • All equipment purchased is high quality to ensure a long life
    • Compostable towels are now in use throughout the premises both in the cheesehouse and the farm

Future improvements

  • We will review our waste management programme on annual basis



  • Sustainable Transport
    • The company employs 7 full time staff

70% of staff walk or cycle to work

  • The other staff are encouraged to car –pool where possible
  • We use central distribution to large supermarket chains and wholesalers
  • Local deliveries are on set days so only one trip needs to be made per week
  • 10% discount will be offered to all visitors that arrive to the farm by bicycle


  • Green purchasing
    • 90% of our inputs are produced on site (milk!)
    • 85% of green fodder (grass, haylage)  for our animals is produced on site
    • Pellet ration in purchased in bulk to minimise transport impact and from a company (HASTINGS) with a responsible attitude to sustainability
    • All packaging from ESSENTRA and CAVAN BOX packaging is produced in the most environmentally sensitive way possible
    • Change packaging to green /recycled/biodegradable packaging as it becomes available on the market. Since 2019, we have replace hand towels with biodegradable towels, buy an number of our bulk boxes as second hand and we have replaced our plastic vacuum bags with a bio/eco alternative.




Our team is very enthusiastic about the local area and the Geopark in particular.  Membership of the Burren Ecotourism Network will allow us to develop business in a sustainable manner in co-operation with other local businesses and the community.