Happy New Year!

Jan 6 2023

Happy New Year to all our customers! Many thanks for all your support over Christmas! We had a very busy season this yeaar, with lots of people taking the chance to have a long awaited proper Christmas after 2 years of Covid restrictions.

Our on-line shop is back up and runnning again after the winter break and we are looking forward to getting some maintence jobs around the farm completed before kidding season and the great circle of life starts all over again in early February!

We are also taking bookings for private and group tours for 2023. More and more folk are keen to see where their food comes from and coming here to visit the farm and get a tasting of our cheesse and fuller understanding of Irish Food Culture is a great place to start.  Click here for more information:  https://www.st-tola.ie/irishcheese/visting-our-goat-farm