Waiting for our goats to Kid!

Jan 17 2023

The first few weeks of January are about the only down time we have here on the farm at St Tola. It is a chance for us to get some essential jobs done and maybe a few days off before kidding starts. This year, we have around 96 nanny goats waiting to kid in approx 2 weeks time Goats normally give birth to twins (though sometimes it can be triplets!) so it is a super busy period for the farm with around 200 babys expected! Of course with kidding comes lots of delicious milk ready to be made into our fabulous cheese.  

Our on-line shop is back up and running again after the winter break so log on here to order cheese and selection boxes for your loved ones for St Bridgets Day! https://st-tola-irish-goat-cheese.myshopify.com/

We are also taking bookings for private and group tours for 2023. Click here for more information:  https://www.st-tola.ie/irishcheese/visting-our-goat-farm  and email us at info@st-tola.ie to book