Visit to I.J. Mellis

Mar 22 2023

We had a St Patricks Day with a difference! Siobhán went to Edinburgh and visited one of our customers I.J. Mellis, Scotlands finest cheesemongers. With shops in Glasgow, Edinburgh and St Andrews, I.J.Mellis stock a huge range of Artisan cheeses but with particualr emphasis on Scottish, Irish and British Cheeses. We are honored that are stocking our St Tola Ash log. They also wholesales cheese all over Britain.  She had a fine time tasting cheese and meeting the fantastic staff and made all the more enjoyable by the winning result in the rugby afterwards!

We are still busy on the farm with more kidding goats. We are still a little behind where we thought we would be with production and although we wont have any Greek until the end of April, it will all be worth waiting for!