St Tola wins 2 Stars Great Taste 2023

Aug 30 2023

St Tola were delighted to win 2 Gold Stars at the prestigious Great Taste Awards in London in August for both our St.Tola Ash Log & St.Tola Karst cheese!  These cheeses were created to reflect the landscape of the Burren. It's great for team morale here to get recognition for our all our hard work and dedication.  The judges had some super things to say about our cheese including:

St Tola Ash Log: 

"This cheese has a very impressive appearance, with its stark chalky-white paste and ashy grey coating. It is compact enough to cut yet a very satisfying, even fluffy, texture that just melts in the mouth. Not overpowering in anyway, with hints of goaty savouriness and a pleasant sharpness to it. The creamy richness is beautifully balanced with a delightful tang. The salt levels are spot on with a rather enjoyable mineral tang on the finish. A hint of lemon citrus adds a further complexity to the flavour. A delicious cheese that is extremely moreish."

"A large and impressive looking log! So creamy and very light in texture, but this is made up for in flavour - SO punchy and rich! A deep goats cheese flavour, with that farmyard association. Clean on the palate, not cloying. A grown-up and characterful goats cheese."

"Soft, chalky, creamy and with a velvety mouthfeel. It melts beautifully. Clean, lightly lactic and perfectly salted. This is a fresh and delicious goat's cheese which is so obviously well made."

St Tola Karst: 

"A stunning presentation with its startling creamy white paste and a contrasting handsome ashy deep grey coating. A delightful combination of both creamy and crumbly, with the soft paste delivering its fresh, tangy, rich flavours and a warm, creamy and deeply satisfying finish. The ashy coat adds a hint of bitterness and the softly ripening edges are deeply moreish. Savoury, rich with a lactic tang, beautifully balanced with a rounded and utterly delicious and long lasting flavour." 

"The judges like the unusual appearance of this cheese. It is original and gives an artisan feel to the product. The texture was super creamy and delicious with a mild tang – not overpoweringly pungent as some goats cheeses can be. Perhaps a touch more salt would help this cheese to be truly outstanding."

"It really does look like a limestone karst! Very chic. Clean, definite, lactic smell. Intensely creamy, rich, smooth, goaty flavour. Difficult to stop eating it."

Thanks to all our customers for the support for these products!