Our Stockists

St. Tola Irish Goat Cheese can be found all around Ireland and in the UK in shops and on-line. We are working on updating this page to include a list of on-line suppliers : here is a short list for now!  All the independent shops and multiples that carry our cheese are listed in the shops section down below or to the right. 

On Line here at St Tola https://st-tola-irish-goat-cheese.myshopify.com

Burren Smokehouse  Burren Baskets that include Burren Smoked Salmon, St Tola & locally produced puddings https://www.burrensmokehouse.com/burren-food-trail-basket-medium

Mikes Fancy Cheese in Belfast delivery around Belfast for cheese & fancy goods https://mikes-fancy-cheese.myshopify.com

Sheridans Cheesemongers nationwide delivery of cheese & gourmet goods  https://sheridanscheesemongers.com/shop/

Food Shops

Farmers Markets


Ask your shopkeeper

If you want to find out where St. Tola is available in your area, and it's not listed on our Stockists' map, please email us at sales@st-tola,ie with your location.

If you're fond of St. Tola Goat Cheese but don't see it on your local shop's shelves, kindly ask your local shopkeeper to stock our products.