• Petru leading the goats home
  • Odd Goat Out
  • St Tola Farm Mural

Leave no Trace

We are implementing the 7 principles of the Leave no Trace programme

1. Planning Ahead
We encourage visitors to come on large tours to minimise impact of travel on the landscape and to prepare for inclement weather

2. Consideration for Others
Our tours are largely confined to our farm area, this allows visitors to experience the country side in a way that does not impact on the rural community at large

3. Respect for farm animals
Physical interaction between farm animals and visitors is kept to a minimum

4.Travel and Camp
Trails are established and no new ones are to be made. No camping allowed on site

5. Leave what you find
All staff and visitors are encouraged to respect property, and the environment

6. Waste disposal
All waste is recycled, up cycled or reused as appropriate

7. Fire
There are no fires on site allowed.

For more information visit www.leavenotraceireland.org