St Tola Cheese Recipes

St Tola Goats Cheese is low in fat, calories and 1% salt - a perfect healthy food for you and your family. The soft cheese has a fat content of between 14% for the Divine to 18.2% for the Log and Original.

Rich in calcium, protein, vitamin A, vitamin K, phosphorus, niacin and thiamin, St. Tola is also rich in zinc, selenium and casein.

Goats cheese is easier to digest as it has a lower lever of lactose than cows milk. Goats cheese enhances the nutritional use of iron and the regeneration of hemoglobin and can improve recovery of those with iron deficiency anemia. Goats cheese acts as a positive influence on antioxidant defence and DNA stability.

Our products are suitable for those with asthma and eczema.

Potato Boxty and St Tola with Crab
This recipe is by Euro-Toques young chef 30th anniversary Potato boxty, St tola cheese and local crab By Jack Lenards Winner 2018
A yummy recipe from a brilliant young chef. 
Goats Cheese Tikki using St Tola Cheese
This recipe is by Chef Karan from Ananda Restaurant in Dundrum, Dublin
"Tikki, or pan fried cakes are a great evening snack. I am using local St. Tola’s Goat cheese which makes these galettes very delicious! "    
Caramelised Red Onion and St Tola Cheese Galette
This recipe is by Shane Smith
Caramelised red onion St Tola Goats Cheese galette
Ultimate St Tola Cauliflower Cheese
This recipe is by Shane Smith
Ultimate St Tola Cauliflower Cheese Gratin
This recipe is by John Sheedy of Sheedys Hotel
Sheedys Hotel, Lisdoonvarna, Co. Clare is a TripAdvisor Award of Excellence winner 2013-2015. Tel: (065) 7074026
Mouth watering dessert using juicy peaches and delicious St. Tola Divine Goat Curd Cream. Yum!
A delicious and healthy snack to compliment this years Super Food- Black Pudding! It is quite substantial so can be served for a late supper,preferably with a glass of champagne or non alcoholic cranberry fizz. 
This recipe is by Recipe by J.P. McMahon taken from Cava Bodega, Tapas a Taste of Spain in Ireland
Delicious St Tola Goats cheese and sweet potatoe croquettes from Cava!
This recipe is by © Kevin Thornton
An exquisite and elegant dish from Kevin Thornton © Kevin Thornton
This recipe is by Colm Wyse, Senior Chef at Beaufield Mews, Dublin
A classic recipe from Dublins oldest restaurant - The Beaufield Mews.
This recipe is by Brian McCormack at the the Malthouse Restaurant in Galway
A lovely recipe from Brian McCormack at the Malthouse in Galway.
This recipe is by BBC Good Food
A great recipe for entertaining as you can do most of the work long before your guests turn up leaving you free to enjoy the party!
An easy and stylish starter to your Christmas Dinner!
Still hungry after all the Chistmas grub? Here is an easy peasy recipe for those late night munchies!
This is a simple and heavenly way to start your Christmas morning!
A quick and delicious way to use up those turkey leftovers!
This recipe is by Hugo Arnold at Food and Wine Magazine
A delicious and refreshingly simple summer recipe for St Tola created by Hugo Arnold at Food and Wine Magazine
This recipe is by The Perfect Recipe by authors of Cooks Illustrated Magazine.
Perfect dry New York Style Baked Cheesecake. Indulgent and wicked!
A super smart Spanish tapas recipe. Serves 8 small tapas, enough for 4 hungry persons!
This recipe is by Renatta @ Renattas Vegetable Store, Shannon Town Centre, Shannon Co Clare.
A great accompaniment to a variety of BBQ meats such as chicken and venison.  Serves 4 as a side dish.